Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Today is four weeks, a month, 4 weekends until the start of the season. Time to work on those set pieces and defensive duties, integrate the new players, get on each other’s wavelengths, carry on without those that have moved on. Time to get ready to hit the ground running in a packed August. Time to try out new formations and personnel in Pre season tournaments. Time to have got over last season’s calamities; time to make those necessary changes gel. Time to gain confidence in the young players promoted from within. Time for the Captain to rebuild belief for the task ahead. Time to put business matters to one side and focus on success. Time to instigate those changes that were glaringly obvious last season, and get used to them before the real stuff begins in a month.

Except that’s not the case at London Colney ; Unsure about who’s going and who’s coming in, no sign of the defenders and goalkeeper we obviously need, no idea what our starting eleven will look like, Denilson and Bendtner still on board along with Almunia. No notion of formation, no sign of changes or deficiencies addressed. No clue. The current Champions have all these things in place and are ready to rock; that’s great, let’s just give them a head start then.

One month to go to the most important Season in Wenger’s career. Is he ready? Are we ready? Doesn’t look much like it to me.
Tick Tock

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