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Today's post is written by a guest; Daz. These are his words:

It's time to re-build on a set of different principals and values. "Over investing in potential"- the huge wages of our un-proven
 talent, that hold the club back and themselves too. Whats needed is a change in philosophy, more akin to the traditional values of our great club- bringing through talent who have a real spirit and desire to succeed, buying experienced proven players who can hack it in the premiership, creating a tough and stingy defence, and on top of these foundations bring in a genuine world class talent- a buy that captures the imagination- ala Bergkamp. Wenger has wasted vast sums on players who are just not up to it and are rewarded before they achieve anything- wages cost. 

This re-buliding ultimately needs Wenger to change, and a pretty big change in his views and personallity at that! Can he change? will he? can he be re-born,- revert back to his old principals of strong, quick, competitive, fast counter attacking football? Well the signs are not great. Gervinho? elements of potential, unproven in prem, could be brilliant- a typical Wenger signing, and costs under 13m. Alvarez? here we go again, even more unproven, has a long injury record, some say may struggle with British physicallity, again under the 13m mark- Im not keen on this one. Wenger does not want to pay 17m for Cahill, he doesn't believe in paying more than 12m for a defender or midfielder if that, his max is 15m for any player(Arshavin). He is carrying on with his project, all the signs are there, there is no change. He will not change, generally people dont. He wants to build another project on the cheap and the principals he stands by and then turn around and say "see....I was right all along"- like his prediction that his great team could go unbeaten in a season.

He's still haggling over fees regarding expensive teenagers- Oxlade Chamberlain- and buying spanish children from the Barca academy. English players- with a good fighting spirit but not amazing technical ability- like Lansbury will be quitely moved out. Yes, it's evidently clear that he's already setting up the next project. You see thats his idea of change. I dont see him changing, not in a million years, just wont happen.

The Wenger project
Acquire 21-28 yr olds for around 8-10mill, fairly unknown players who have good potential in lesser leagues, in the hope they become world class players-Say a Ljungberg, Gilberto, Vieira, Petit, Lauren, Nasri. Unearth some super star teenager who can be bought for peanuts- Anelka, Fabregas.

Persevere with players, who against all opinion, turn out to be gems- Flamini.

Find players completely off the radar for peanuts- Kolo, Eboue, Clichy. Bring through teenagers, poached from other academies and pay them high wages, promising them first team opportunities and giving them many chances, believing eventually they will turn good- Denilson, Diaby, Walcott, Bendtner, Djourou, Vela, Flamini(the one who turned out good!) etc.

Let go players who are technically not great but have other abillities- like crossing,tackling and trying 100%- Kolo, Larsson, Sidwell, Upson, Muamba etc.

Bring in on deadline day a very old, washed up, over the hill player who can plug some gaps and hand down his vast experience to the young potentials- Silvestre, Squillaci, Campbell(although did well second time round) and costs nothing.

Do not buy a player, at the height of there prowess aged 26-30, for 20mill+ and pay them a large wage- Frank Ribery, David Villa, Benzima, Yaya Toure, Ashley Young, Torres(when at Athletico) .

His project isn't all wrong, and he does sometimes get fantastic results but it's getting harder and less succesful as a whole to keep producing the goods interms of top players and results. His project requires a major overhaul and big changes.

What's evident is the 'not spending much money', a theme running through every facet of the Wenger project- accept concerning young, unproven, or under performing injury plagued players.

The man is clearly not for turning. I think Wenger has a hang up about spending money on a team, it's become his rabid mantra, he almost views it as a failure or cheating. So it's time for him to go, next season will probably be his last. In reallity, and deep down in our hearts
, we know the changes that we want will have to be delivered by somebody else.       

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