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The real Gunnersaurus
A number of our less awful players apparently want to leave. The truly awful ones can't get any takers and the manager doesn't want to offload the rest of the dross. Fact is the lot of them are proven losers, proven underachievers. The squad consists of players who have failed to fill their supposed potential on a consistent basis.

This leaves the club with a decent five a side team.

Bravo and good for you members of the board. Three cheers for our manager. The books are balanced for another year and Arsenal incorporated can languidly sup chilled champagne from tall glasses all summer whilst us idiots who have parted company with our season ticket money sit with our pints served in thin glasses, and wait with eye and ear in anticipation of a revolution that will not be forthcoming.

The lot of us should stop checking the blogosphere, desist from listening to the broadcast media, and avert our eyes from the back pages. Yes we should, but we don't. I don't anyway because I want to see what's happening with my investment. Were I to have invested in stocks and shares I would be checking the Dow-Jones and NASDAQ to see if my portfolio was strong or not.

Yet I know that nothing of substance will happen. I believe that the club cannot go further under the current regime. There have been no statements of intent no reassurances and bugger all in the way of broom’s new and otherwise applied to cleaning the metaphorical cobwebs away. ‘So what’ you may ask? Guarantees don't come as part of the package bur six years of underachievement and failure equate to around £8000 of my hard earned cash sunk into a bankrupt project. In fact more than that with travel costs and refreshments (yes this is a matter of choice, but if you’re thirsty 90 minutes is a long time). Value for money is not just about winning stuff; it's true that winning counts but some of the apathetic and pathetic performances alongside ridiculous decision making put paid to the notion of Arsenal as a great team to watch; It's delusional excuse making.

The commitment of the season ticket holder requires the same effort from the players against WBA as is given against Barca.

This lot can all leave as far as I'm concerned. I will happily get behind Jack, Aaron, Czsez, Kieran et al. At least they have not been living off 'potential' and nice wages for 6 years; unlike our manager and board.

The critics are out in force from Paul Scholes to Gael Clichy and given that I would always staunchly defend The Arsenal, the comments about lack of ambition, failure and underachievement are true. There are analysis of the 'crisis' at Arsenal everywhere you look, and as a team that finished fourth in the league, those views that rightly state that Arsenal are in a downward spiral will be countered by Arsene and the impotent board by that statistic.

The fact is that it is hard to judge the future based on who might be bought into the club but it seems inevitable that, as Clichy has done, Fabregas will move on and by the same token Nasri may join him. The reality of this situation is far more important in terms of the message it sends out. That message being that players don't want to play for Wenger anymore. If you add to that list poor performers such as Bendtner and Denilson, who want to leave, you are left with the conclusion that it is  the Diaby/Eboue standard of player that retains faith in Arsene's way; A sad indictment.

So what exactly does next season hold? a (injury prone) spine of Czsez, Vermaelan, Wilshire & Van Persie is not enough to challenge for major honours. I would only add a couple of names in Sagna and Ramsay but as far as I am concerned the rest are either unproven, inconsistent or just not good enough. That, I think, is the harsh reality. In looking at the decent squad members I would say the following.
Yes we know that 'on his day' Arshavin is world class but how often does he have his day? Walcott can be electric, but how many times a season? Chamakh works hard but is that all he has?

The other squad members are sub standard;simple as. I would think that any Arsenal supporter who would not be utterly dismayed to see Almunia, Denislon, Eboue, Sqiullacci and Diaby line up for Arsenal has lost the ability to think rationally. Yet, these players are not wanted by anyone other than Wenger. We are in the position that Wenger himself was in when he came to the club; a squad top heavy with dross. Morrow, Hillier, Selley, McGoldrick, Kiwomya etc. Comparitavely speaking,this current lot are as bad.

It's a dire situation and unless Wenger brings in 5 top level players and more to the point gets rid of the dregs we are handicapped before the race starts. I
I don't do Arsenalism to moan and bang on negatively but for Christ’s sake give us something to be positive AFC.  I support Arsenal the club not Arsenal the current money fixated individuals that make up the constituent parts. Therefore I have no loyalty to Wenger or Hill -Wood or Bendtner they haven't earned it during the last half decade. I ‘m not playing Championship manager with my opinions, I'm just tired. Tired of the basics that are fundamentally wrong; no rocket science needed. The list of basics is endless from not buying a keeper or central defender at the right time, to players playing out of position, from selling good players that are happy to stay without requisite cover, to blindly putting faith in mediocrity.

If I were to choose a symbol of Arsenal as we currently stand I would choose a midfield of Diaby, Eboue& Denilson; where Freddie, Patrick & Bobby typified the Wenger way This trio represent the Wenger way now.

I’m tired of asking the same question, the same mantra when I hear the greatness and Genius of Wenger trotted out as if some indelible truth; In the words of Janet Jackson “What have you done for me lately?”

in the words of Joe Strummer "The ice age is coming the suns zooming in"

And that ,dear reader is my lot for a while. I can't bang my head against a wall of bleakness. In shall await something positive to write abou. After all, the last thing you need is me banging on about the current state of play; there's plenty of time for that during the 2011/2012 season.

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