Monday, 4 July 2011


Nice post Daz.

AW has ran his course. He had it all. The backing of the board, the vision and the winnability it seemed. We hoped he was the modern Chapman he was not. Different times different demands.

Arsenal FC's hubris on being a paragon of financial prudence in the distasteful orgy of the EPL's spending for victory is no different to the board of t'mill addressing the clog wearing workers they should be happy they have a job.

F**k right off!

Let's get down to basics. There is more to life than football. When cloth caps and moustaches were dé rigeur for the terraces, when TV didn't exist, bovril was an exciting drink and your only entertainment was Max Miller or the pictures, there was little choice in entertainment so yer football was more than that, it gave you something to believe in when being disenfranchised by the class system that was constructed to hold you down and keep you as indentured slaves.

Now we have the choice of entertainment as we do the choice to some extent of want we want to be. There is still a class system but now that Wills and Kate are post-ironic chavs who knows? The point is how much spare cash do you have to spend on futile entertainment? If arsenal is your major cost of entertainment and there is no representation you are still wearing a cloth cap and drinking bovril and should be bloody happy too.

That is what football and arsenal is now, just entertainment. If we don't buy the tickets or the trade strips and stop believing in afc then like god arsenal it will not exist. The arrogance of AW and arsenal FC who support the now defunct ideology of AW are sucking the life, the cash and life long belief of good arsenal supporters, some of whom were on the terraces while little Arsene was cleaning up glasses and looking down his nose at the drinkers in his dad's bar. Fuck the business model, football is about winning and silverware and caring about the shirt you are paid to wear.

I leave it up to you old gooner fullahs who pay for the season ticket without representation. The new season ticket 'gooners', the post highbury ones don't care. They will drink budweiser whatever.


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