Thursday, 14 July 2011


The countdown continues. No new defenders. No additional keepers. No takers for the dross in our squad. No more clarity over Nasri. No more clarity over Fabregas. A couple of players bought who are unknown quantities.

Funny thing is that when I see Ramsay, Vermaelan, Wilshire, RVP, Sagna, Song and Cszesny I find myself seeing some character; some cojones, I see some players that I can believe in. Players that are capable and not third- raters idling on top dollar. Not deluded individuals cruising on Wenger’s yacht of misplaced belief.

Add some quality to that skeleton, excise the Charlatans and big heads and I can imagine an Arsenal team that I will be happy to applaud. That’s the frustration. Even though I believe we are miles away from being where we need to be, I can see a glimmer in these guys. I feel a recollection of watching Arsenal and recognising each member of the team feeling that connection. I recall what it’s like to feel that you are not just watching a group of individuals; imposters in Arsenal shirts. If only Mutiny was an option.

some gratuitous stupidity to accompany the pun

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