Thursday, 28 July 2011


Platini, Rosel,Crozier & Cornu share a moment

I have long suspected that Barcelona have a pact with EUFA & ITV, a pact drawn in blood at a secret Catalan location. The cabal of Barcanists meet in secret to find ways to expound the Barca faith. In ITV’s case it is a drooling sycophancy shouted from on high for all terrestrial viewers to hear and comply with: “do they do ordinary?” “The little Argentinean genius “That goal was sheer Barca” “Messi, Messi, LIONEL MESSI!!!!”  “Oops I’ve just come”.

EUFA adore the cult of Barca, turning blind eyes, making allowances, ignoring cheating both on and off the pitch and, indeed doing their  work for them in the tapping up department.

Diving shamelessly, influencing referees, making illegal approaches, turning the sprinklers on Morinho and getting opponents sent off are just some of the transgressions that Barca are guilty of yet they are  immune to punishment.

Of course, their owners, management and players also feel its okay to ceaselessly bang on about a player that is under contract at another club; they are the chosen ones and therefore pardoned for all wrong doing.

Nobody who has a grasp on their faculties can doubt the ability of the current Barcelona team. That’s not the issue. The issue is that, like lizard rulers of society, this club is in dangerous territory, the tentacles of their power reaching out unchallenged.

The only way to make a dent in the Biederbeck group of football is to beat them on the pitch. This requires ability but also having eleven men on the pitch and a referee that is not carrying a Catalonian gold coin in his back pocket. Arsenal did this; beat the ‘unbeatable’. Given a second chance the ten men of Arsenal could not prevail; although a late B52 opportunity spurned, would have made a world of difference.
So it behoves all right minded football people to reach the standards on the pitch that Barca have set, the rest of their insidious influence is out of grasp so the pitch has to be the place to fight the power.

‘More than a club’ is becoming ‘More like a cult”

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