Friday, 30 December 2011

TH14 IN 2012

As a short term arrangement I can see nothing wrong; Chamakh and Gervinho are off to Africa, Park seems that he’s not ready yet and Arshavin consistently underperforms from the bench. This leaves Oxlade-Chamberlaine as the only forward who has shown that he can make a contribution from the bench.

So why Henry? Simply put, he has pedigree and experience and if he has the desire (something you would think Wenger would be more than able to gauge) he would be able to contribute to the club in a number of ways. A legend? of course. A presence? definitely. A liability? absolutely not.
There are those who have talked about Henry ‘tarnishing’ his standing with Arsenal supporters. Frankly, I can’t think of what he could possibly do that would tarnish his reputation as an Arsenal player.
The broader issue is what other player/s join in the transfer window and there is a lot of assumption that Henry will be the only new face. I somehow doubt it but time will tell on that. That issue of boosting the squad with more long term acquisitions cannot be really discussed until January 1st. Regardless, Henry’s two months with us should be looked forward to rather than fearing the worst case scenario how about considering the best?

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    The word Legend is used far too often and seemingly to me by people that don't understand what it truly means. In Henry's case though, Henry is a legend and will always be, no question. I would rather have him at the club then elsewhere and after Dennis he is someone that I would like to see given an opportunity to manage the team at some point. 

    His signing will be good for morale and bring experience, guidance and plenty of big game knowledge whilst also offering a calming influence on all the other players.

    My only caution is for people not to expect the level of performance we were all once blessed to see. He is not the player (on field) he was and his pace is no where near what it used to be, which was a big part of his game. Yes, I would ultimately prefer to see us buying experienced, quality £20 million +  players 10 years younger then Henry but the signing of Henry as a one off especially given the need to cover the loss of players to the African Cup of Nations is a smart move by Arsene, which should be applauded by all Arsenal supporters. Lets look at the positives this can bring and stop speculating on what might be potential shortfalls. I for one can't wait to see him back in an Arsenal shirt, (No.12) Que Sera, Sera.

    Capt Kirk.


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