Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Wrighty meets the Bushmen
There is an African tribe, The Bushmen of the Kalahari, that employ an unusual hunting technique; they chase their prey, the deer like Kudus, for hour upon hour in scorching heats until the animal they are after collapses exhausted. Then they take their reward.

The pursuit cyclist is all about pursuit and endurance; systematically closing the game until able to catch and overtake.

Arsenal have been dogged and determined in the pursuit of a place in the top four. The two Manchester clubs are pretty consistent in League terms anyway (just don’t mention Europa) but Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle have faltered and Sp*rs (yet to have the ubiquitous ‘blip’) have tasted defeat at Stoke. The Arsenal have kept digging away and find ourselves in a much improved position after our awful start to the season.

Sine WHL WWWWWDWW has been the pattern of our pursuit and in any terms this is inarguable form.

For some the position of Sp*rs relative to Arsenal is of importance. Some have put the question “will they finish above us?” not least the gentlemen of the press and Talksport. Fact is that keeping one’s powder dry is generally the way to go and unfortunately there has been a lot of chicken counting from the cockerel fans; a case of premature speculation. Two points is now the gap, albeit Sp*rs have a game in hand. But Tottenham have to visit Stamford Bridge (and Chelsea visit them) as well as Eastlands, Anfield and  St James’ and most tellingly The Emirates is on their itinerary; This fixture is sandwiched between Liverpool Newcastle and Man Utd.

Of course it’s easy to talk about bigger fish to fry but Sp*rs have this habit, much like that of a drinker with a weak constitution, of getting a bit head strong at the merest taste of success. This season it has resulted in talk of winning the league and finishing a dozen points ahead of us (it always comes back to us for them).

So let’s keep our pursuit going. Sunday at Man City is a test to be sure but that’s our business now meeting tests head on and facing them down no matter how far we have to go.

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