Wednesday, 7 December 2011


One thing is clear from last night; the keyboard warriors are critical of The Arsenal no matter what we do. A loss to a very good team, (Champions of Greece let’s not forget) in a game that one team wanted to win and the other didn’t need to should not have garnered the ire forthcoming from the QWERTY Cowboys.  Out there in the twitter world there were even Sp*rs fans having a pop; yeah unbelievable. I would have thought they were too busy watching Don’t tell the Bride.

Another point that was reiterated last night is our goalkeeping situation. I think it’s fair to say that, in Szczesny we have an excellent keeper; a keeper that I believe will progress to be world class. What Fabianski’s injury showed was the lack of strength in depth in this position. In fact Fabianski playing in the first place emphasised this.

Now any talk of “what if Wojciech get’s injured” is fatalistic and is as useful as positing the same question regarding RVP, but never the less, the club should have a fall back position to cover these eventualities. Something I don’t think we have, particularly goal keeper wise.

This can be remedied in the January transfer window; and hopefully will be. There are a number of decent goalkeepers knocking about that would probably be happy to have an opportunity at Arsenal late in their career. Keepers with proven experience that could do a job; Schwarzer, Given, Sorenson, Cudicini, Kirkland, Jaaskelienen, Kenny, Foster, Harper, maybe one of these would be worth a punt.
Adams v Everton

Anyway let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Champions League can go in the top draw until the new year as can the FA Cup tie against ‘dirty’ Leeds. The focus now turns to Saturday’s celebratory game against Everton. A fixture that has been good to us in recent years; The title clincher, the seven goal classic masterclass from Dennis, the 4-3 roller coaster. Let’s hope that our birthday cake is covered in the tasty icing of a victory against the Toffee men.
Bergkamp v Everton

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