Sunday, 11 December 2011


Arsenal v Everton a much played fixture and yesterday’s wasn’t a classic. The game itself (following the birthday festivities) was very much a case of after the Lord Mayor’s parade, not helped by Everton’s negativity. In such games where chances are made but no one can quite deliver the coupe de grace it takes something special to take the spoils; and boy did we get something special, courtesy of Robin Van Persie. Our captain delivered the fatal blow courtesy of an exquisite finish from Song’s pass. A goal of beauty is a wonder to behold and this from our very own Dutch master would not look out of place in the Louvre.

The pre game atmosphere around the ground was boisterous. Singing and music bursting forth from the Eaglet. An expectant buzz in the Tollington and general merry making was the order of the day. It was my first match day visit to the Tollington and I must say that I found it most agreeable, principally due to the following
Good beer reasonably priced
Speedy service
Solid plastic glasses (as opposed to the thin bendy drink spillers that most pubs deal in)
Decent food
Outdoor heating

All pretty basic things but it’s surprising how often the match day experience is tarnished by lack of some of the above.  

I also saw one or two Arsenal bloggers; recognizable from their Vloggs and avatars. And, as is the case with people you’ve only seen via electronic means, they all looked slightly smaller than I thought; Haylet Wright looked possitively petite for example. The next time I go there I may even pluck up the gumption to say hello to my fellow Arsenal Bloggers and compliment them on their work. A kind word can often mean a lot.

And so I left the ground at the final whistle with Arsenal ensconced in fourth and the memory of a wonder goal to keep me warm.

Next home game a boxing day Derby. Without being superstitious; maybe if I go to The Tollington before I will see another wonder goal. Worth a try.

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