Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Games are coming thick and fast which is a good thing. Not only for we the loyal followers, but it means there is little time for the players to do anything other than play and work on their understanding and interactions.  Tonight’s game in a tricky Champions League group requires at least a point. Dortmund are the German Champions and this fact should not be overlooked, therefore an away point would be a good start.

We are miles away from winning the tournament so I see this group stage, certainly until the end of the year, as a period of bedding in, recapturing some kind of form and rebuilding confidence.

Let’s not look beyond getting out of the group stage. In fact it would not be the end of the world if we didn’t and ended up in The Europa League (I think I’m right in saying that some non qualifiers go into the EL; I’m happy to be corrected though) but lets try and get out of the group and se where we go from there.

Our priority, as far as I see it, is to string together some league results and begin the long journey our club needs to take in order to re-establish ourselves. Our form in 2011 has been appalling and this needs to change first; rebuilding from the ground up as it were.

Reaching the January Transfer window in good shape should enable us to look to continue re shaping the squad.

I believe that The Domestic Cups are a god route to adding that elusive trophy to give this group of players the belief that they can be winners.

Some might say I’m setting my sights to low, and that’s an opinion that I understand, however I think I’m just being realistic.

Between  now and January the Two Manchester Clubs and (let’s not overlook them) Chelsea, will be the teams fighting it out over top dog status, we should be quietly going about our business and banking league points in order to see how we go in 2012.

I guess what I’m saying is that the ‘each game as it comes’ mantra has never been more apposite.

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