Saturday, 17 September 2011


I've had enough

This is not Knee jerk, this is not panic, this is not hysteria, this is reality; Wenger must go.

Our club has reached a point where mediocrity is rewarded, where incompetence is tolerated, where excuses cover the cracks and where ambition has gone out of the window.
Our squad is not good enough. Defensively we are not good enough. Clinical finishing wise we are not good enough.

To get the best out of this mediocre squad you need a manager with tactical acuity; Wenger is not that man. To have a future you need a manager who can see the problems and take action to address them; Wenger is not that man.
To have a vision of wanting to be the best and knowing the type of player that can make that happen you need a touch of the mercurial: Wenger no longer has that.

The Arsenal is a club spiralling down a one way street and that it the fault of Wenger. Forget the bamboozling financial situation, forget the money that other clubs have; that's all smokescreen. A smokescreen to cover up the fact that Wenger reached his peak and is no longer able to deliver.

The Arsenal have no divine right, so let's not think that but, when things are falling apart action needs to be taken.

I believe that action is the dismissal of Wenger. A New manger then could try and get the best out of this squad through tactical means and perhaps some real inspiration, make additions in January and then re invent in the Summer of 2012.

I know that there are things going on at the club that validate my views. I have a close friend who has a relationship with the manager of a key player at the club, and believe me, things are not right at AFC.

I firmly believe that Wenger must go, now, before he becomes a hate figure. I have that compassion and would rather he goes before the fickle gods of football turn him into a Mr Bean figure, regardless of what he has previously achieved.

I say this not through any malice towards Wenger but through my love of the Arsenal.

enough is enough

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