Monday, 12 September 2011


This is the way it is now; the media are wetting themselves over the two Manchester clubs who are, seemingly, demolishing everyone in their paths. Liverpool’s barren spell and lack of European football is overlooked because of ‘King Kenny’; funny how his complaints about officialdom are not viewed the same as AW’s, but there you go.
Arsenal are not that big of a deal, consigned to the dregs of MOTD and barely mentioned in the press. Welcome to the 2011/12 season.
We are that slightly above average team that we used to regularly beat. We are that side who are looking to string a bit of form together. We are that team that are looking at clean sheets and picking up points where we can. That’s the reality of our current situation.

We are not Barca, we are not Man Utd; right here and now we are just Arsenal football Club.

Some of my fellow supporters on Saturday seem to be living in a strange alternative reality; were not that good. We took three points at home, job done. Sorry it wasn’t all “Henry to Pires, Pires to Ljungberg, to Bergkamp, Vieira with the finishing touch to make it 4-0”

The tutting at Theo (played out of position for years), the harrumphing at Frimpong (playing with brand new team mates through no fault of his own) and the sighs that met every wayward pass (not the player’s fault that additions were made without adequate bedding in time) are not tenable; this is where we are as a club. Get used it. Please. It’s the only reality that exists. Wenger has caused this but we are stuck with it for the time being. Let’s at least get behind the team. Acknowledge that we’ve got rid of some of the dross and give the new guys a chance.

What some of my compatriot Arsenal supporters showed was what I would call the Emirates Syndrome. We have been down as a club and we have always, always got back up. Support The Arsenal, not for what it should be but for what it is and what we want it to be. Long after AW is gone  and common sense prevails Arsenal will still be here and so will I and a lot of others through thick  and thin, even if it’s mostly thin.

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