Monday, 5 September 2011


until saturday

The interminable interlul is irredeemably irritating in its invidiousness.

There I said it. Just when we get a dose of optimism (yes I know; that old chestnut) with the new player influx, I have to wait and wait and wait and wait for Saturday at 3:00 when, ensconced in my seat upstairs at Ashburton, I can survey the ‘new look’ Arsenal battling the plucky Welsh newcomers.

This insipid interlul has thus far not resulted in its usual litany of injuries to our lot; although the Wales v England game is wrought with potential damage. That’s good news for a change. Also this ennui inducing interlul has given some of our chaps a number of chances to practise their goal celebrations; which was nice.

The infernal interlul has been responsible for one thing in particular; loads of old cobblers being Blogged Tweeted and Posted! This is clearly down to frustration and out and out boredom. When the transfer window count down was going on there was all sorts of opinion pieces going out and now that the climate is like the Pacific Ocean twitchy fingers are unleashing all sorts of piffle and digital tumbleweed.

Hurry up Saturday, we need the juice. We need the talking to stop and the football to start.

when Saturday comes

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