Tuesday, 20 September 2011


EUFA Champions League, Premier League and Carling Cup; this is what it’s like now; game upon game which I think is a very good thing. The reason being that it gives the team the opportunity to gel. It gives the players no time to think about stuff, just play. Recovery can be a long process and let’s face it The Arsenal are in a recovery phase, not just from the Old Trafford debacle but from the demise that has been going on for too long.

What concerns me is that there are far too many members of the press and broadcast media that are unable to grasp the concept of   reality and are therefore negatively influencing some of those that turn up at the Emirates on a match day. Arsenal’s 1-1 draw against the German Champions was met with quite a lot of negativity, yet by the end of the week a draw in Europe was the standard for the English clubs. No acknowledgement was forthcoming as even in our current condition the ingrained hatred still prevails.

This means that now more than ever is when all supporters need to be united and introduce a bit of a siege mentality; after all it’s OUR Club and we should not allow the external forces of doom get under our skin. When Wenger spoke about the press this week there was an air of indignation that he had rightly pointed out that the press are, by and large, nit wits. Some of our fans need to remember this instead of making proclamations based on what they have read in the super soaraway. Have a view by all means but please, think for yourselves. Some of those who sit near me upstairs at Emirates would do well to grasp this. It will be interesting yto gauge the mood tonight as those who are not fortunate enough to have season tickets attend.

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