Monday, 26 September 2011

Match Of The Dazed

Hansen & Lawrenson

For those of a certain age these two need no introduction. The Hansen & Lawrenson of the Muppet Show. Raining down abuse and ill judged critique to the audience.
I touched on MOTD in yesterdays post and it has touched on a nerve for some. yes we know that there is a media bias toward The Arsenal and to an extent there are choices to be made about choice of writer, Newspaper and TV/Radio channel, but MOTD is an ongoing part of a supporters Saturdays and as such should have some quality about It. In fact we pay for it. Watching as an Arsenal supporter has been rather painful of late and as such this Saturday's episode such have been mildly enjoyable; it wasn't. The old pals act at BBC Sport goes on and on and on; talking a lot but saying nothing. No insight here. As a review of highlights it's adequate, no more than that. It's time for a revamp. Put the past away and lets have some insight based on the modern game not the version that these guys took part in, back in the day.

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