Thursday, 22 September 2011


Barton at it again

So Barton was going to join The Arsenal, yes Joey Barton. This is an individual to whom most experts doff their caps by spouting the mantra that "if you forget about all the other stuff Barton is a decent player' of course he's a decent player he is a Premier League regular. To 'forget' all the other stuff is utterly pointless; it's what makes him the loathsome individual that he is.
Barton at it again
Barton at Emirates
Barton at it again
This got me to thinking about other players that are 'decent players' but should be spurned as a rabid dog is spurned by any club with principle. Oddly enough a good few of them have names staring with the letter B; B for bad news. If the character of a player is not part of the decision making process in buying a player one could find that the team could contain the likes of  Barton, Bellamy, Bowyer, Balotelli and Bentley. Given the attitudes of a number of Premier League players, to be loathed in the game takes some doing. I would not want to see this type of player at our club. Players that may be disliked but other fans and some opponents but are respected? that I will take.
how to show those that hate?

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