Friday, 16 September 2011


There seem to still be discussions, diatribes and comments flying around concerning our former Captain. Strange really given that he's gone.
When I climb the stairs at The Emirates I come out of the doors in front of a display featuring all our Captains. Curiously they have not got around to placing RVP's portrait on the wall.This leaves our former captain as the last image on this rota of Captaincy.
I don't feel animosity, love, hate, resentment or sorrow about his departure. I just believe that once a player doesn't want to play for The Arsenal and leaves "that's that".
I don't wish him well, or ill; I simply don't care.
I see the images of Vieira, Adams, Rice and McClintock and see real captains, guys who achieved things before they moved on, and I therefore look forward to seeing more faces added, of Captains of our great club that will lift trophies.
I think Arsenal fans should muster their efforts enthusiasm and keyboards in support of the players we have now, not the 'once were' brigade.
The future, not the past. Forward indeed.

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