Saturday, 10 September 2011



European football, titles, trophies and beautiful football are not givens. A section of Arsenal supporters today seemed to be in denial. We're actually not all that at the moment therefore all that mattered was a win; 1-0 or otherwise. That's the reality of Arsenal circa 2011/12, we're not Arsenal 2003/04 and we're not the current Man Utd. We are a club with a set of players and a manager that are average. That's just how it is. Whatever some may think we are adrift. We are a project that has failed and is seeking to change. Wenger is a reality; he stays at the club regardless of what some of us think and this lot are our Arsenal for the time being. If the immediate future is about 1-0s we need to adapt to that reality. Arsenal have been on the canvas before but we've always got up. Perhaps a fallow period is a reminder that we football fans sometimes have to accept mediocrity and hope that the good times return.‏

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