Monday, 19 September 2011


Thats our league form from the nadir of last season; the 4-4 at St james'.

This run Includes loses to Bolton Blackpool Stoke and Blackburn.

Of the drawn games we have been in a winning position in a number of them, only to have the three points turn into 1,so far this season we have  conceded the most goals in the Premier league.
That's our goals against in the League since we were last Champions when we conceded 26 goals

I would therefore suggest that an area that Arsenal have needed to address for some time is our defensive weakness. I'm not a 'genius' or a 'Profesor' ; people refer to Manager as such, but it seems obvious that this area alone is a major concern. The other problems have a range of reasons, possible solutions and numerous opinion as to the cause but this issue is non negotiable. Surely it's an issue that all of us can agree on.

If it's about failure to replace Gilberto in front of the back four, if it's about failure to replace Sol Campbell at the heart of the defense, if it's about failure to replace wide men who covered the fullbacks or if it's about failure to replace a dominant ball winner in the middle then surely the man in charge can see it? If it's about a team who are not willing to meet their defensive duties then that is a huge concern.

Now these are facts not opinions and this decline does not appear to be looking to halt any time soon. With tricky games at Stamford Bridge and WHL to come some work needs doing on the training pitch. In fact, it's not just the Chelsea & Sp*rs games, it's the likes of Bolton, Sunderland and Stoke that are also of concern because we are now a team that concedes to these characters.

The short term fix; acknowledging that no major change can happen in the immediate future is some back to basics defending across the team. Only then will things stabilise enough for any chance of some sort of form to return.

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  1. without sounding fatalist (istic?). From here, way, way away from the of the 24/7 ubiquitous hysteria. I believe that Arsene has further to spiral down. Sorry but if you're not accepting that your dogma isn't perfect and flail around signing whoever, no really whoever, then this project still has a few floors to descend before we are in B4 which means you have to walk up to the basement carpark. This isn't gonna be pretty and I hate 70's nostalgia but we may be living in the past again. Again.



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