Thursday, 11 August 2011

View from La Playa 2; Players leave clubs that's just the way it is. Some for better opportunities and regional connections which is fair enough. Some leave for more money; yes 'more' money. Today's Premier footballer doesn't need more money they just want more. Some leave because they feel they are better than the club they are at. When all is said and done Arsenal Football club has ceased to be a Destination, it had become more of a departure lounge. Those leaving, regardless of how good they may feel they are, need to remember that they are as culpable as everyone else in not securing honours over the last few years.  Out Captain leaves but don't be fooled by the 'boyhood club' stuff; he leaves to play for a better team.  Nasri leaves for money and I can't help but think that it was a mistake that Gallas was sold as a result of a 'him or me' situation involving Samir.  The moment they walk out the door they need to be forgotten, the likes of Jack, Aaron, Theo, Tomas & Robin now need our support and encouragement  The feelings about our manager and board will still remain ; I know my feelings do, but Hopefully Bendtner, Eboue & Almunia never pull on an Arsenal shirt again and Diaby never gets a game. This would give out team a chance at success from what would seem like a fresh start.  I can happily support a team of players who predominately haven't been underachievers for seven years even if I can't support the management. 

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