Monday, 29 August 2011


Everyone knows about Liverpool FC, the history and the European triumphs, the status earned by achievement. This club dropped out of the European elite when they failed to qualify for Champions league and Europa Cup. They ceased to be genuine title contenders; but they still won a trophy here and there. A time came where the club realized that they needed to address the decline. A change of management an investment in players and an acceptance that they would cope with a brief spell out of Europe then took place. The issues are being addressed and Liverpool are in the process of re establishing themselves. All this from a club whose fans had come to expect trophies both home and abroad.

Contrast with Arsenal; six years without a trophy, dropped out of title contention. Yet with a bigger stadium than Liverpool and Champions league football in the interim. Maybe the Champions League is the thing that is preventing change. The revenue from the competition seems to be the only thing that matters.

The Financial clout of CFC MUFC & MCFC is a fact, a reality of the league in which we play. We have to accept this and not be afraid to make changes when needed. The decline will continue and the ECL qualification will be used as a justification for keeping the status quo.

It seems that Liverpool are actively looking to It rebuild and work there way back to the top, because there is a recognition that the three horse monopoly can still be gate crashed. At Arsenal we are looking like the poor child standing outside the sweet shop window.

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