Sunday, 28 August 2011

August 28th 2011 ; a date that will live in infamy


Now is not the time for mass hysteria. Today Arsenal were comprehensively beaten. Amongst The Manchester United goals were some that no team would have been able to do anything about. The truth of what this result means is far more complex.

I will simply refer to some facts.

Arsenal’s squad is not good enough, and when you have injuries and suspensions in an already sub standard squad you are inevitably going to suffer. Today we did.

Arsenal have followed a path of, season after season, replacing proven quality with (unrealised) potential. Today we saw the results.

Arsenal have a substantial revenue but fail to pay for quality.

Arsenal, having to field a set of players woefully unprepared or unable to compete is a result of extremely poor management.

Take all those facts and a day like today was going to happen.

The powers that be at Arsenal football Club need to digest the bigger meaning of today, reflect and then they need to take action. That action should be only one thing.

Unfortunately the change that needs to be made probably won't be made until a time when it is too late to save our season. But they need to take action in order to ensure we start the rebuilding process for the future.

Today was the day that the Chickens came home to roost.

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