Monday, 15 August 2011


an empty Wenger wallet; read into that what you will

Context, a word that us arsenal fans need to consider. After an uninspiring opening weekend to the new season Arsenal's performance was as mediocre as most others. The transgressions of Barton & Co. coupled with poor officiating didn't help, but our performance deserved no more than a draw. Without the now departed Fabregas in the formation we lacked a creative hub (I was going to use the term 'fulcrum' but Lady Arse beat me to it). The centre of defence gave far fewer moments of anxiety than of late. The new signing had a pretty good game until he succumbed to naivety when experiencing the Barton effect.Arshavin and Rosicky appear to have been treading water developmentally and Song, albeit effective in his role, is no Petit/Gilberto.
I get the distinct feeling that this new model Arsenal will struggle during this difficult month as injuries and suspensions take their toll along with having to assimilate any new signings who may appear (or may not).
When considering this performance and the the future we need to remind ourselves of context; this group of players are the team that we have been tasked with following, irrespective of personal views on the Manager. The fact that there is not enough quality in the squad is simply due to the managers judgement; poor judgement. And the boards happiness to keep the status quo as long as the money comes in.Unfortunately the context in which we will be supporting Arsenal this season is not one of title challenges or trophy chasing but one of competing for slightly above mid table status.
Tuesday's game takes on great significance; going into a secomnd leg with a bad result could end in Arsenal playing Thursday early evening on Channel 5 and it will be a position that no one can complain about. The Europa League may be this teams natural habitat as qualification for the Champions League is no god given right. Wenger has traded on this qualification to justify lack of trophies anmd it would be interesting to see how he is percieved should the worst happen.
That it has come to this is outrageous really but it is a harsh reality.
This 'Groundhog day' summer has exemplified all that's small time about the club; The biggest club in the nations capital with a great history and a marvelous stadium is being run like a corner shop.

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