Saturday, 20 August 2011


Confidence is low. No doubt about that and with the press, fans and media experts sticking the knife in and twisting, us Arsenal fans are a beleagured set of people with our own dissatisfactions. As the Sports world like to do, they have deified 'King' Kenny and all those ex-Liverpool pundits that proliferate, are talking about this being their year. "Surely a trip to an under strength Arsenal at the Emirates is a given three pointer" the Scousers declare. What with another Hilsborough related petition doing the rounds, the profile of the rightly famous Liverpool Football Club is high. We have our own issues though.

I like playing Liverpool and they haven't beaten us at home for quite some time; in fact last season's draw should have been a home win, but we all know what happened then.

This Arsenal team, short of power, invention and first team players has an opportunity to signal some intent by beating a team who are still a top opponent. Arsenal V Liverpool still reatians the status of a top level proper fixture regardless of the status of both teams currently.

Ahead of a tricky away game in Italy and a trip to the Champions some points and a victory may help to ease some of the palpable anxiety at The Emirates.

Here's a couple of the great goals scored in this fixture



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