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Sheffield steel courtesy of UK media

So everyone’s getting on the Anti arsenal bandwagon; our Manager has been on the receiving end of typical tabloid stupidity as they rabbit on and on about the demise of our 125 year old club. I have a number of issues with him but he’s OUR manager. The team are being slated as not good enough; not their fault and they’re OUR team. Don’t get me wrong ’freedom of speech and all that’ but, unlike those paid for an opinion, I invest financially in my club each July and I feel I have the right to voice an opinion. Those ‘outsiders’ who are quick to criticise have admittedly, been given the ammunition by our Manager and Board but, and here’s the thing, it is all done with such glee. The Northern centric media love it. One thing I would say is that the authorities have done little to help with the general bad vibes around our club. Barca’s shameless tapping up and Mancini’s outrageous comments regarding Nasri have gone unchallenged. As a club we have done little to challenge this behaviour. Perhaps it’s a dignity thing, perhaps its lack of will to do so.

The only real way in football to respond when you are beleaguered and being written off is on the pitch; qualify on Wednesday and beat the Champions at the weekend ( with a bit of good luck for a change please) and it will go some way to shutting up those external cat calls. We the fans of Arsenal know that their are deeply embedded problems at our club but I for one will not stand for those supposed experts and ex players giggling with delight at our tribulations.
hopefully not the same old story on Sunday

Now more than ever the lads need our support. Simplistic as it sounds those players currently charged with wearing the red and white are as much victims of the clubs ineptitude as us the fans. Injuries not withstanding, Wilshire, Ramsey, Frimpong and Cszesny probably knew they were better than Denilson, Eboue, Diaby and Almunia but had to sit back and watch. Walcott and Arshavin probably felt that they would be better through the middle but had to play where they were told. Bendtner; although nowhere near as good as he thinks he is, knew that he was not a winger, but orders are orders. Vermaelan probably looked forward to the acquisition of an experienced partner but has to just get on with it.  Yes they are paid top dollar to play football but if they care about their club as I believe a number of them do, they are more than likely waiting for additions to the squad as we all are, waiting for a train that never comes it seems

Even at this ridiculously late stage the manager needs to do what’s best for Arsenal Football club. That means playing Nasri on Wednesday to give us the best change to qualify. It means buying some players with experience and it means giving those squad members who want to play for the badge decent team mates that will support them, guide them and bring a bit of oomph back to the Arsenal. It’s still not too late to change things for the short term, but I feel the long term prognosis is still cause for concern

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