Tuesday, 30 August 2011


it's been a bit of a carry on

The inquest continues and there is speculation as to the underlying problems that are manifesting themselves in the decline of Arsenal. Clearly there is something not right behind the scenes and it is hard to unravel the exact issues and causes. What is evident is that a simple diagnosis of what is required to compete at the highest level both domestically and abroad would show the simple solutions.

Systems ethos and tactics are all secondary to the basics, which are;

Players that do the simple things well that allow at least one mercurial performer to conjure. Depth of squad to enable the team to cope with injuries and suspensions, with younger players along side sufficient experienced players to learn from. A top goalkeeper. A sprinkling of utility players to enable adaptability. The type of players with a winning mentality. An inspirational and tactically astute manager, who knows when to buy and when to sell.

I would venture that we have lacked all of the above during the last few years and those deficits have built up to the point where we now sit in a lowly league position having suffered an utterly humiliating defeat. Hatred, jealousy and envy have now been replaced with pity; people are feeling sorry for Arsenal.

It almost seems that it has taken Sunday's capitulation to make the club take action to improve the squad, with Young, Santos and Mertersacker all but confirmed to be arriving. Three players who between them are experienced players in positions where we need them and Captains, which is always a good thing. It feels as if the departure of our ex Captain and the French midfielder have almost been denied in the clubs mind ; as if they didn't need replacing. August, domestically was written off; that's the only way you can view it.

Despite these additions I can't help but feel that we will do nothing again in January, a time in the season when the smart managers freshen things up. I believe that there are still players at the club that are not good enough and worryingly a number of senior players who appear, for want of a better word, disillusioned; witness Rosicky in the wall for Man Utd's third goal on Sunday and Arshavin's refusal to track back.

Getting behind the team is essential against Swansea, a bit of the magnificent support from Sunday's travelling fans would be good. Getting behind the club in it's broadest sense remain a big ask. I for one feel that the board owners and Manager are failing us. 

Despite our worst defeat since Queen Victoria's days I still feel that some of our players are also being let down by the powers at the club. The majority of those young players thrown to the lions by Wenger deserve better; just as we fans do.

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