Friday, 17 June 2011


Arsenal FC Nike 2011/12 Home Soccer Jersey / Football Kit Launch Video
Newcastle V Arsenal 
ECL Qualifier 1st Leg
Liverpool V Arsenal
ECL Qualifier 2nd Leg
Manchester United V Arsenal
an August Horribilis?
Mental strength’, ‘Attitude’, ‘Ability’, three good fixtures to see where we are at the start of next season.

Newcastle is a chance for redemption and to kick that particular monkey on the back into touch. The fixture will be all about mental strength for a team now notorious for self doubt.

Liverpool; the team with a great deal expected of them this year, a special fixture for Arsenal Football Club. Let’s see if the team have the right attitude on our opening home fixture to give the dissatisfied faithful something to smile about.

Then the, always good to get out of the way early, fixture at Old Trafford. Will the new Arsenal have the ability to come away from the Champions with anything? The fact is that our performance will be the most important thing as, due to the timing of the game a loss would not be the end of the world. It’s about competing with the team that are the benchmark.

Sandwiched in between are the two Champions League qualifiers; both of vital importance.

Not exactly make or break but after this five game spell we should have an idea of how Arsenal are equipped to face the season ahead in terms of mentality, attitude and ability.


  1. I quite like the new shirt. I wish they hadn't changed that cannon though

    Mick M

  2. Enjoying the Arsenalism commentary. Very thoughtful.Let's see how Arsene's new look youth team develops over the summer.Cheers, Sam.

  3. It was approaching half eleven and Mick was still awaiting his Arsenalism update. Though it was the close season, and Mick was going further off the sport on a daily basis, he still looked forward to his arsenalism. He'd read something earlier that morning which had hammered another nail in the coffin for game of soccer. Luka Modric (?) was pictured, the photo was accompanied by a statement saying he wanted to play Chelsea.As an Arsenal man Mick was aware he was meant to be gleeful of anything bad concerning Spurs but this seemedto sum up everything about the game these days. Mick resented the fact that he couldn't break free of f*cking football
    Mick M


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