Thursday, 23 June 2011

MYTHBUSTING#3 Sylvain Wiltord

Winning Title at Old Trafford
Sylvain Wiltord, European Championship winner FA Cup Winner Premier League winner. After leaving Arsenal he went on to win three French Titles and play in the World cup final.
 When a compilation of Arsenal In those glory days is viewed you will see Wiltord scoring, being part of the move and generally being involved. He had the habit of popping up with a goal when it was needed. His popularity amongst his team mates tells you all you need to know really.
Wiltord was unfathomably unpopular amongst certain ranks of the Arsenal support, yet he played a major role in the Clubs success. The winner in the Old Trafford Lions den that secured the Premier League title, a decisive goal to knock Man Utd out of the FA Cup at the so called Theatre of Dreams; leading to the resultant Ferguson/Beckham flying boot incident.

Wiltord scored 49 goals for Arsenal in his time at the club and was often a substitute without complaint; he was also played in Carling Cup games with the youngsters, again without complaint. And let’s not forget he was part of the Invincibles squad.

Why Wiltord was not appreciated more is beyond me; he served the club well, without moaning or having an inflated view of himself and he played his part in many a victory.

Knocking Man Utd out at Old Trafford

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