Thursday, 30 June 2011

Seasonal Affected Disorder

Thursday 30th June Fulham v Nes Soknar Itrottarfelag
EUFA Europa League Qualifier 1st leg

That’s the reality of underachievement. Not in Fulham’s case but it could be Arsenal next time.

Mediterranean beaches left early, bags packed, Caribbean cruises cut short, Pacific Island stays terminated. That’s maybe what Arsenal’s current bunch of well remunerated underperformers need. Maybe it’s what the club need in order to implement a culture shift and make the necessary changes.

In a climate where Champions League qualification is the target at the start of each season as opposed to winning the Champions League being the target, it is reasonable to suggest that to not qualify should be viewed, by that criteria, to be abject failure. After all one of the reasons for moving to Emirates inc. was to ‘compete with the best in Europe’ presumably compete in winning.

By the way there is no guarantee that Arsenal will navigate the qualification stage for the 2011/12 Champions League. If the end of season form is carried on this is by no means a done deal.
I don’t ever wish for Arsenal to lose a game, never, but I believe that we are in for another season of frustration and mediocrity and whatever the outcome of the season, 99% of the time you get what you deserve out of football. This manager and the majority of the squad perhaps deserve a June 30th match against Nes Soknar Itrottarfelag.

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