Thursday, 16 June 2011

MYTHBUSTING#1 The grass aint greener

The myth that when players leave Arsenal they do not do well is not as true as it might seem. It was bandied about as fact when Petit, Overmars and Anelka left, but they were replaced with winners in Gilberto, Pires and Henry. Since 2005 and our last trophy, the regular players that have left have won trophies; among the players and trophies are

Vieira Serie As, FA Cup
Henry Champs League, La Liga
Ashley Cole Premierships, FA Cup
Campbell FA Cup
Lauren FA Cup
Kanu FA Cup
Adebayor Copa Del Raye
Flamini Serie A
Diarra La Liga, FA Cup

A number of others went on to have successful  and productive careers including Gilberto Captain of Brazil, Jens Lehman and Robert Pires.

Does this tell us that we jettisoned winners, or that they went to better clubs? Hard to say but the facts are there in the Trophies won columns. I think the truth is that from being a club that replaced like for like, we have been a club in the last half decade who have replaced winners with also rans.


  1. Someone I know whose family are Arsenal said something quite interesting on it all the other day.

    She'd gone to the last home game and felt she'd never experienced such a strange atmosphere.

    Her take on it is that many of us who have a longstanding relationship with the club feel betrayed as to how the relationship has turned out. Let down and a bit shocked by it.

    I know that's not new but I think its valid.
    Mick M

  2. A friend of mine admitted to me recently that he harbors thoughts of burning the stadium down. Safe to say he's angry with how things are turning out! It used to be Spurs supporters who felt like that about Arsenal
    Mick M


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