Friday, 10 June 2011


I remember a time when newsnowarsenal would be checked over the summer on a regular basis, newspapers flicked through, Sport radio stations listened to and the search for rumour and conjecture was ongoing. Potential transfers; players in players out. Then last year I created my own media lockdown. Switched off and laid back. This summer I shall be instigating a similar policy. Arsenal will be making some changes this summer; that’s not only my expectation but has to be a fact (doesn’t it?) and as usual nothing will happen until the eleventh hour. With nowt going on there is nowt much to say. A self imposed silence if you will.
Therefore, dear reader, any missives coming out of Arsenalism Towers will be, at best, infrequent, until such time as there is anything to report or comment upon, should a crack in the transfer window appear I may leap into action...or not.  Basically until I get back from sunning myself in foreign climes.
Should any of you out there wish to report anything or, indeed make a point/contribution/complaint please feel free via


As an older reader of Arsenalism I'd like to say its very difficult to
read today's outpouring due to the orange writing. As Arsenalism's
almost an integral part of my morning, and to have it there without
being able to enjoy it, I simply had to lodge a protest.
Yours faithfully -
Mick M
(a longtime reader)

A technical fault good reader-now rectified

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