Saturday, 25 June 2011


So Barcelona want Fabregas for £30m? this is the same club that paid £40m for Ibrahimovic plus they ‘threw in’ Samuel E’to. Unbelievable, in a climate where Andy Carroll cost Liverpool £35m that these bold faced tap up merchants want the 24 year old for, what is basically peanuts. Now I am of the opinion that it would be great to keep Cesc but not the end of the world if he chooses to leave. There is a hang up about the Barca connection which I don’t buy into. If the player is fed up at Arsenal, okay. If he wants out, okay. But Arsenal need to get some serious money for losing one of our best players and should Milan, Real or anyone else on the continent offer decent money then that’s where we should sell him and let that club worry about Barca courting him. Their shameless pursuit is akin to stalking.

I’m just sick of hearing the old ‘Barca DNA’ line; who gives a sh*t? Cesc is contracted to Arsenal Football Club and as much as Barcelona covet him they have taken things to the stage where you have to conclude that they don’t actually need Cesc but, like a greedy toddler, want him; not because they're hungry but just because they do. In fact they are like Robin Askwith covetting the wives of others on his milk round/window cleaning round.

My message to Barca would be simple; if you want our captain “show me the money”

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