Tuesday, 7 June 2011


If you create something solely to make money people can smell that it's tainted and Arsenal Football Club is smelling right now; a smell that has put many off. Because of the poverty of the teams performance the other issues have come to the fore; the issues about the state of the Clubs relationship with its life blood, it's abandonment of the principles of a football club with a rich history and a belief in 'the Arsenal way' for the principles of commerce.
Maybe after 125 years things have run their course? Maybe those that withdraw their support from match days are handing things over to a generation of moneyed customers who are no different to any other club. Maybe the future is about a great number of those that wear the colours of red & White as a fashion choice but don't have any emotional connection
it’s about an accumulation of things that infect the modern game in general, things that you expect from those clubs with no real identity.
Since the move from Highbury it has felt that a supporter is less of a participant and more of a passive onlooker.
The Wembley like pre match music and announcements is in keeping with an Arena event, not a sports fixture and is as much a contributor to apathy as the characterless squad. The atmosphere at games feels contrived, it feels identikit, and it feels like we are just another product vying for advertising space. It’s not simply a ‘jumpers for goalposts’ point of view it’s the point of view of someone feeling that their relationship with the club  is going sour, that the other half has become less ‘you complete me’ and more about ‘show me the money’.
The Club itself doesn't really care at the moment because, not on the pitch, but Financially Arsenal’s owners and board members are winners, winners without souls it seems.

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