Thursday, 9 June 2011


Ode to joy
Yesterday’s rhetorical question was "what's missing?" I think I know the answer and it's a single word; JOY. Yes joy. The players and agents scrabble around in search of Euros; of course they expect to be paid they're professionals, but they don't seem to play for the joy of the game. There is little joy in the stadium. Kids want their coloured boots and when having a kick about indulge in petulance, feigned injury and diving. They play without joy. As a supporter there is little joy on a match day just cost, compliance and complaint and we forget that football is really only a game. The thrill and expectation and pure fun of the match day has been replaced with the dutiful trudge of the 50,000 (no, not 60,000) The joy felt in younger days seems absent and of course times change but the very things that made us fall in love with the beautiful game have evaporated into joylessness
Heaven Knows
“They stood fixed, their baffled hearts looking out of their eyes with a joylessness pitiful to see”-Thomas Hardy

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