Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Victoria against hypocrisy

Moyes fined £8000 in 2010 for abusing official Sept 2010
David Moyes berates Referee May 2010
David Moyes shown Red card March 2010
David Moyes berates assistant referee Dec 2007
David Moyes fined £5000 after receiving Red card Sept 2008
Shut it Moyes!
Never underestimate the stupidity of pundits and defeated managers. Anti Cesc. Anti Foreigner. Anti Arsenal. According to Moyes Everton deserved a point out of tonight's game. Yeah right. With a goal that was scored from a clearly offside position?
Cesc is our captain and has to get involved when such a ridiculous decision is made.
'Stevie G' Wazza' 'JT' ' Rio' and ' Lamps' all mouth off to the officials. But seemingly that's okay it's called "passion".
What a load of old bollocks.
1-0 down 2-1 up, nice one Gunners, that's how you show resilience.

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