Friday, 25 February 2011


As the good Captain Kirk rightly pointed out, we cannot focus too much negativity on the injuries accrued on Wednesday night. We need to adhere to the old cliché: one game at a time. Three points against Stoke in the Premiership was vital and therefore Arsenal had to play our best team available. Focusing on Cup Finals, The Nou camp or anything else is a gamble; and Wenger is a terrible gambler. The mantra should be ‘always play your best XI’. Injuries and suspensions are part and parcel of football so we need to just get on with it.

In terms of the Carling cup final, let’s remember examples of games where important players were missing; not least the European Cup winners Cup final when our leading goal scorer was missing. We have to get on with it. I believe that some players rise to occasions and prove their worth in such moments. Let’s win on Sunday then focus on the next game; it’s the only sensible route to take. Perhaps injuries will present members of this squad with a chance to shine. Then we really will be able to see if the faith put into these young chaps by Mister Wenger is warranted. If it’s not then a summer of changes needs to take place (I might argue that changes need to take place regardless)

Every player wearing our famous shirt needs our support from now until the end of the season, hard though that may be with some of them. Sunday could and should be a springboard providing that X factor in sport: belief.

It’s up for grabs now.

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  1. All for one and one for all. Come on reds it's been too long, you know we can do it.

    Captain Kirk


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