Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Keys and Gray meet Talksport: Dumb Dumber & Dumberer

Richard Keys 'ah-ha!'
Andy Gray 'I'm an entertainer'
"And the public gets what the public wants, but I want nothing this society's got"-P.Weller
It was inevitable; the unfeasibly popular and populist TalkSport has hired Keys & Gray, the Alan Partridge and David Brent of sports broadcasting. Their tiresome and odious sexist ways are ideal fodder for TalkSport, along with their inane and outmoded views on football.

The great British public eat this garbage up with gusto. TalkSport since it dropped the 'Radio' from it's previous incarnation as TalkRadio has become like The Sun newspaper, Tetley tea and Reality TV; part of the landscape-hardcore for the masses.

The opinions of the so called experts are listened to in Taxis, white vans, cafes and work places throughout the country. Every topic designed to generate controversy and phone calls (calls cost up to 10p per minute), TEXT: 81089 (50p plus standard rate).

Along with their reverse auctions (terms and conditions apply: Bids may only be made in pence and cost £1.50 per Bid (UK) or 2 Euros (Eire) if made by mobile phone or landline telephone. You must ensure you have the bill payer's permission before entering How Low. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Delta, and Maestro cards for bids made online within the UK. Outside the UK for bids made online we accept payment by Mastercard, Maestro, Delta and Visa cards. Online bids cost £1.50 per bid and can only be purchased individually up to 6 bids then in blocks of 11 (£16.50), 16 (£24.00), and 20 (£30.00) and Magazine, Keys and Gray will bring in more calls and more exposure to misguided crap about football. The type of thinking that has resulted in rampant xenophobia to gloss over the abysmal England national team.

I myself have heard so called fans abusing players because Adrian Durham or some other cretin from the station has advised them to do so. Some fans opinions are based on the rhetoric of Alan Brazil and his fellow ex pros. But I guess with Keys & Gray being taken on the good ship spite the public are getting what the public want.
'Yeah that's right send the buggers back'

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