Friday, 18 February 2011


Wednesday was a defining Emirates moment. The closest thing to it was the Arsenal Manchester United game which had striking similarities; where Rooney put them ahead, RVP equalised at the near post (sound familiar) and Henry headed in from an Eboue cross. Great moments one against our domestic nemesis and one against our European. Arshavin’s winner and Henry’s winner were spine tingling moments.

What has been overlooked by the naysayers in the wake of Wednesday’s magnificent result is that goals change games. Let me elaborate. I have no doubt that we will score in the Camp Nou in the return leg against Barca; this means that Barcelona need to score three goals to knock us out. Three goals. Even if Barca do get three another from us sees us through. It’s also been overlooked by the voices of doom that a draw will see us through.

On this basis why not be optimistic? Why not think we can do it? By the return we may have a team of players with fresh Carling cup medals dangling from their necks, therefore confidence should be high.

Yes Barca have Messi, Xavi, Iniesta etc; players that can change games but let’s not overlook Arshavin, RVP, Nasri and Fabregas who are all capable of world class moments. Let’s remember how effective Jack and Koscielny were, lets not overlook that Djourou is a real defender, let’s remember Sagna will return at right back, let’s not overlook the fact that we actually have a proper goalkeeper now. Let’s be aware that Walcott, Chamakh and Bendtner all carry threats of differing natures

Don’t get me wrong it will be tough, but, and this is the vital thing, we have beaten Barcelona on their terms and now the power of the away goal is our trump card.
reasons to be cheerful

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