Saturday, 5 February 2011

Full time killer result

" there i was drinking pint of London Pride at full time when i realised that Arsenal had just won and got another three points. Obviously leading 4-0 at half time this was clearly going to be the result......."

Not so! Diaby and Djourou is the thing in a nutshell.
Diaby for being an idiot (see my half time post)
Djourou being injured and as a result our defense crumbling. But had Wenger bought a decent centre half the latter need not have been the case.
I don't care about bad decisions and refereeing. No team, I repeat NO TEAM capitulates a 4-0 lead.
Wenger is culpable for selecting Djaby (he's terrible and the sooner he's gone the better)
Wenger is culpable for the dearth of decent centre halves.
Wenger is culpable for having players at Arsenal Football Club who do not have the necessary cajoles to make today's result an impossibility.
As I said in my post in December ' I hope that Wenger's decision not to buy a centre half doesn't prove catastrophic'. Today's result was just that. A killer blow to our title aspirations. Just not acceptable. 

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