Tuesday, 1 February 2011

No light through the transfer window

Another window closes and Arsene decides not to land a central defender, a decision that may yet prove catastrophic; leaving our defense like a broken window, that doesn't keep the draft out but lets the light in.

While Torres, a player who wanted to leave Liverpool, follows the money to a club looking to spend their way out of their current league position. On the basis that he wanted to go, £48/50m is a price that Liverpool could not turn down for the 26 year old Spaniard. In context it's not an over inflated price so there you go Liverpool fans. Let's see him rise from his slump in time to score in both league games against Man Utd.
That Liverpool paid £35m for Andy Caroll is ridiculous, but some would say no more ridiculous than Villa paying £24m for Bent.

Arsene's failure to act on an opportunity to add to our squad is also ridiculous. Given that we are currently in four tournaments and injuries are a recurring theme it is, at best, a gamble to not bring in some much needed cover and it needn't have broken the bank.

Let's all hope that we don't live to regret a missed opportunity at a smash and grab and end up reflecting on a broken transfer window of broken dreams.

looking through the window

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