Monday, 7 February 2011

Rise & Fall

"The abrupt disappearance of a global super-power in the course of a few months, without any external attack, was evidently caused by some kind of structural change in its internal complex system. "-T. F. Allen theory on collapse of the former Soviet Union.

"The collapse of Arsenal without any external attack, is being caused by a structural change in its internal complex. Ie: the damage is being done by the Manager who has changed the club in five years to a culture of under achievement"-arsenalism theory on collapse of AFC

Further similes may be gleaned from  T.F Allen's conclusions on societal collapse:
Although a societal collapse is generally an endpoint for that form of administering the social and economic life of a culture, it can be as another kind of change of administration of the same culture (Russian culture would seem to have outlived both the society of the Czars and the society of the Soviet Union, for example). Frequently the phenomenon is also a process of decentralization of authority after a 'classic' period of centralized social order, perhaps replaced by competing centers as the central authority weakens. As when the black plague contributed to breaking the hold of European feudal society on its underclass in the 15th century, societal failure may also result in a degree of empowerment for the lower levels of a former climax society, who escape from the burden of onerous taxes and control by exploitative elites

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