Sunday, 20 February 2011


Gone, gone, gone the doubles gone for poor Chelsea. No Carling Cup final to look forward to they now can focus on The Champions League. Such outlay, from the man at the top, so little to show. It’s genuinely heart warming to see them flounder, much like the boastful bully who finally gets his comeuppance. So nice to see Hietinga do what most football fans would like to do and so pleasant to see Ashley sky his effort at the away end.
Wouldn’t it be ironic if Chelsea’s European dream comes undone at the hands of an old nemesis or old friend? Let’s see how the chips fall, a barren season could befall all of us but for the Billionaires with bad attitudes it would be hilarious.
Such is the feel good factor from Wednesday that I’m actually quite ‘up for the cup’ as the old saying goes. Given that Arsenal are unbeaten since 13th December in a 1-0 away loss at Old Trafford, there should be no domestic team that hold any fear for us in this competition. I recall the Sheffield Wednesday games under George Graham that gave us a domestic cup double and have often felt that the FA Cup has more cache in the context of doubles. Should we prevail in either the Carling Cup or Premiership (or ECL?) then an FA Cup on top is a nice bit of icing. Of course there may yet be an empty space on the Emirates upper tier come the end of the season but being alive in four contests raises more of a chance of a trophy than only having one competition to vie for like the boys in blue.
So Leyton Orient at 4.30 is the next hurdle to climb over, and isn’t it great that each game now is of importance? Forget the ‘easy run in’ line from last year, or the lower division opposition clichés, disregard the underdogs in a cup final fears or even the ‘best team in the world at the Nou Camp’ negativity. Let’s just enjoy being an Arsenal supporter between now and the 14th 22nd & 28th May; after all you’ve got to be in it to win it.

Domestic cup Double clinch
 1st Double clinch
2nd Double Clinch
 3rd Double clinch

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