Wednesday, 16 February 2011

it's a knock out: a bombastic pre Barca post

'don't call it a comeback'
And so we come to a game of football at the Emirates that makes going to watch the Arsenal the real deal; Arsenal v Barcelona in the EUFA Champions League.
It's the top table of Club football. Those sides experiencing there first season in the champions league would be excited beyond belief, however for Arsenal it's 'that lot again'. In all honesty we have yet to make our mark in Europe's elite by winning this trophy, but I believe that knocking out Barcelona is both achievable and immensely important for the standing of Arsenal Football Club. Victory would also create some more positivity around the club. As we all know there are dark clouds (no need to focus on them today) but we are on a good run and have the game at Wembley to look forward to along with the potential of further Cup progress against Orient. The Premiership title race is a throwback to the Pre-Abramovitch era in that it's now between us and Man Utd.
But tonight's game, I believe, is a chance for Fabregas, Van Persie, Walcott, Wiltshire, Arshavin, Nasri (if selected) to show that they are real quality; it's not too over the top to say that they have all the ability to back up any claims of world class categorisation. If, and that's the key word, they can rise to the occasion. The game is also an opportunity for those players such as Sagna, Song, Clichy, Cszesny,Djorou to show that they can lock horns with the self styled 'greatest team on the planet©' in a real sense and not stand around admiring Barca.

The main thing for me is that Arsenal are in the Champions league by rights and they meet a team from Spain who are also there by rights. We need to be that club that takes on all comers in Europe; not as under dogs but as equals. Remember what it felt like when we knocked out Real Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, that is what we should be as a club.
Let's get behind our team, because they are selected to play for us, they are wearing that shirt and they must enter the metaphorical ring with confidence.
Let's knock them out. Round one begins tonight.

Now that's what I call bombast!

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