Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Golden Gunner Goals

Yeah it was good, of course it was; Wayne Rooney’s goal against man City that is. But in the modern style of overkill some pundits, journalists and general know it alls are saying it’s the best goal ever scored in the Premiership. Do me a favour! We’ve seen more than one ‘greatest Premier goal’ practically every season. Here’s some nominations for that title

Vieira v Manchester United 1998

Kanu v Chelsea 1999

Henry v Manchester United 2000

Bergkamp v Newcastle United 2002

Henry v Sp*rs 2002

Pires v Liverpool 2003

Henry v Liverpool 2004

Henry v Manchester City 2006

Van Persie v Charlton Athletic 2006

Van Persie v Blackburn Rovers 2007

Pires v Aston Villa 2008

Van Persie v Liverpool 2009

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