Wednesday, 26 January 2011

sorry seems to be the easiest word

Richard Keys apologises for being the new David Brent live on Talksport with a tear in the eye for Andy Gray's Gareth Keenan.

To hear the grovelling pronouncements flowing with diversion and buck passing click on link. The fact that he says ‘sorry’ about 100 times should not detract from the large number of “I can’t comment” and “dark forces” innuendos.

The comments about Karen Brady playing the gender card, and ‘Lads Mag banter’ did him no favours. It smacked of a man hanging onto his career, knowing that the so called dark forces are not out to get him but that his time is up. His style of Punditry should be removed from the media world and this is just the excuse needed by Sky to out the pair of them. Keys surely faces the chop as I can’t believe that there aren’t more audio visual tit bits awaiting broadcast to further bury Keys.

The best of Keys

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