Sunday, 30 January 2011

dead balls and dead losses not enough to stop progress

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The equaliser fromHuddersfield today was merited and once again we conceded from a dead ball. I think we have scored somewhere in the region of 85 goals so far in all competitions and the majority of goals conceded are from dead ball situations; clearly lessons to be learned as we enter the busy four competition phase of the season.
another lesson to be learned is that Diaby and Denilson should be nowhere near the Arsenal squad. They are both dead losses who have not added an iota to their game since joining the club. they are just no bloody good.

the ugly
If there is any concern surrounding today's performance the one thing i have noted is that Fabregas seems to have become a Steven Gerrard figure, in as much as he digs us out of holes on a regular basis. This is a concern as, when looking at Liverpool's reliance on their captain, you can see the road it has taken them down.
Cesc is our Captain certainly, but we do not want to end up being over reliant on one player; that is small club mentality.
the bad and the good
As we await a favourable draw in the next round of the FA cup I am more anxious about Wenger buying a centre half (preferably one who can head a ball) as Squilacci now misses three games and any further injuries in that position leave us in a precarious position particularly when dealing with the dreaded dead ball.
Come on Arsene, you know it makes sense.
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