Saturday, 8 January 2011

It's not that grim up North London-iPhone post on way home

First the facts  Leeds United are a poor side Arsenal put in a poor performance I suppose a stalemate based on 2 penalties was about right. An unwanted reply awaits. 
Now the reality. Wenger's, for want of a better word, 'tacticallity' (copyright arsenalism MMXI) was on display at it's most baffling. 
The selection of Bendtner and Chamakh would, to most right minded people, dictate 4-4-2. Not the case; B52 was deployed on the wing. A position generally associated with pace. This left the hardworking Chamakh isolated on more than a couple of occasions. 
Arshavin was nowhere near good enough as his poor form continues. The Russian is pretty much an honest player and on two occasion when the substitute board was raised he made his way to the touchhole, almost in acknowledgement that he was not at the races. Wenger chose to keep him on. 
What was clear was that the manager had and continues to have no tactical solutions when we are struggling. 
There were a number of reasonably good performances today; notably Djorou Wzceckyxzvv and Gibbs but when change was needed it was not actioned. 
What today showed was not so much deficiencies in Wenger's best ever squad but deficiencies in Arsene's managerial Arsenal. Namely tactical astuteness. 
On a different note The Leeds fans were vocal without being offensive and other than the fact I couldn't understand a lot of what they were chanting, I thought they supported their team well

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