Wednesday, 26 January 2011

"..and i don't agree with that in the workplace"

The question is not so much about Andy Gray and Richard Keys being sexist or not, I think it’s about what you can and can’t say in the workplace, what you should and shouldn’t do in the workplace and above all what’s right and wrong.. The two of them are highly paid in a high profile job and whether the cameras are rolling or a tape is running they need to behave themselves at work. In most professions the kind of comments they made would be cause for action, therefore their positions amplify the situation.

Richard Keys comments in front of Souness, Redknapp and Gullit brought to mind David Brent trying to impress Finchy with his laddishness in The Office, so cringe inducing were they.

Clearly there are a lot of staff members at Sky who were waiting for an opportunity to burst the bubble of the old boy network. Their Super Sunday and MNF inane banter and woeful lack of insight was not enough to get shot of them (at the time of writing Keys is still in a job) but whatever the case, that  Sky will have to face up to progress and bring in new faces, can only be a good thing.

It highlights the fact that British journalistic standards in sport are low. In the USA sports journalists, whether it be in print or on TV are viewed in the same way as commentators on the arts are. There seems to be more emphasis on knowledge and insight than cliché and bombast (this from the world s most bombastic nation).
And Sky are not the only culprits. BBC’s Match of the day is far too comfortable in its untouchability and pundits like Hansen, Shearer and Lawrenson say little of genuine interest.

The Gray/Keys case crystallises the institutional cosiness that the world of football in this country is all about. New ideas, concepts and insights are viewed with distrust and contempt. From Female officials to foreign imports and anything that doesn’t conform to the blood and thunder of the Premier League. The English players also perceive them selves as untouchable with some of their antics. The way in which supporters are treated with contempt is also part of this mind set.

It appears that English football as a whole is run by, played by and commentated on by people out of touch with concepts of the wider world, from Talksport to The Sun.. Andy Gray and Richard keys have shown that. Let’s hope that we see some changes. I doubt we will though.
Gray's replacement ?

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