Monday, 17 January 2011

Merson makes a mug of Tragic Johnson

Talking of idiots, Glen Johnson the twit with the tweet, as we know insulted Paul Merson for having an opinion; ie: Glen Johnson can't defend for toffee. Johnson basically said that Merson was an ex alcoholic and Drug addict, and a player who was "mediocre at best" while the first two statements are true (particularly the 'ex' bit) the third points to Glen as being clinically insane!

Merse had this to say about Johnson:

“Johnson’s job is to play football and defend for Liverpool. His job isn’t to get on Twitter, start having a go at me and bringing up my past. He didn’t talk about all of the medals I’ve won, he was only interested in calling me an alcoholic and a drug addict.

Personally, I think he embarrassed himself. If you are playing for one of the greatest clubs in the world and earning £80,000 a week, why are you worrying about a drug addict and alcoholic? I hope he has sat down and said to himself, “That wasn’t right.” He could easily have called me up this week to have a chat. If I felt I had said something wrong, I would have found his number to call him and say sorry.

But his reaction reminded me of a spoilt little kid who throws his toys out of the pram the minute someone annoys him. He also called me an average footballer and, to be fair, that’s his opinion. If that’s his honest opinion, then I can’t deny him that. But at the same time – and I’m not blowing my own trumpet – I don’t think there would be many people who would share the same opinion.”

What's actually more impressive about Merse is that much of what he achieved was while being hungover and two stones too heavy. When talking about mediocrity Johnson should look closer to home, at himself and his team.
Merse V Liverpool
Merse V Man Utd
Merse v Sheff Weds
Merse V Leeds
Merse V Chelsea
Paul Merson Honours:
Division One/Prem 1989(37 appearances)
Divison One/Prem 1991 (37 appearances)
League Cup
European Cup Winners Cup
EUFA  Super Cup
Charity Shield
PFA young player of the year
Football League Division 1

Glen Johnson Honours
Premier League 2005 (16 appearances )
League Cup
FA Cup

1 comment:

    Johnson is a lad that had huge potential as a youngster as had a few others, Pennant included. If Johnson improves his lot as he is capable of doing and achieves mediocrity I will take my hat voff to him. But he will NEVER be a MAN like Merson, he does not have the ability to ever be a real MAN. That is one area where he will NEVER fill the Merse books.

    Just have to be goonerish

    John T

    The Merse's response has been reflective and professional. Where as mine "You useless piece of regurgitated hippo shit with a topping of horse flem mixed in the bladder of a rabid pig that was fcuked by an elephant with advanced syphilis" might be considered somewhat immature.

    Captain Kirk


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